Current – Residential Project by Nikhil Juvekar Design Associates

July 26, 2014


The residential project is known as Current.  I would like to state that having “design freedom” is the best things a designer could ever have. Similarly referring to the current project, the clients approached us having a modern house in mind which also matched with the kind of projects NJDA deals with. A detailed survey of the house was done followed with several meetings with the client regarding their requirements, special needs and likings. It wasn’t too tough to convince the clients for a clutter free home. The concept of “Less is more” was highly appreciated. Understanding client’s needs is an important and primary aspect. This helps us in working with the client as our partner more than a client. Whenever I design a new space I try to maintain certain continuity in design which I believe makes a mark. Many changes with respect to basic planning were made. As it was a city home where every inch counts, the plan was altered at times to support the needs. There were niches created for storage spaces which usually jut out like boxes in a square room.  After the basic planning is in place, a very important and major aspect comes on role is detailing. I believe that excellent detailing is the key for an exceptional and admirable space. A concept is visualized which decides the direction of the entire project. Special care is taken to maintain the concept through every corner of the space to make it look like a single entity, yet every area has its own voice.

This particular house is designed for a typical family including member of various age groups. Specifically divided as

Kitchen, Master Bed room, Son’s room, Daughters Room, then comes the guest room which is followed by the Living room and the Servants room.

Design Development on site:

Living: As one enters the house he is struck with a warm welcome of wooden paneling. Existing behind the panel was a small study room, rectangular and claustrophobic with a small door opening from next to the main entrance. I could see no utilization of it except for a store room.  The room was closed blocking the door and opened from the Living side by demolishing the existing wall. This resulted creating a warm niche in the Living area which is used as a den for entertaining friends and close relatives. In a place like Mumbai, simply demolishing walls and creating large spaces isn’t that easy and affordable. Hence a sliding door was placed to convert the room into a small guest bedroom at times with a pull out double bed. (Seen as an Indian seating).  Adjoining this is a Dining for 6 people which can latter be add for 8 people if need be. Dining table and the set of chairs were specially designed go maintain a liberated look. On the opposite wall is a small unit (with a Buddha head) which other wise acts as a serving unit during the meals. A clean sleek sofa with loose chairs take its position against the plasma wall.

We would like you to take a note that a whole lot of customization has been done with in the space. For instance every piece of furniture, the pedestal lamps which make a mark in various corners are hand made on site.  The material for the same is procured from various “gallis” (streets) of Mumbai, all from various local niches. This has resulted in maintaining the uniqueness in the artifacts and certainly has brought down the budget to a large extent. As the core designing process started on site special care had to be taken about the fixed budget. The details were meticulously worked out which could control the overall cost and can be utilized elsewhere.

One of the doors leads us to the Master bed room- Well, this room has come up with more of nostalgia . Once I incidentally stumbled across some age old furniture pieces hosted at the client’s old residence. We instantly decided to re use the entire wood.  The furniture pieces were carefully dissembled. As a result we see the Master Bed Room is done up completely from the re-used material. Special care was taken to maintain the age of the users through the overall design concept. Simple and Mature. Opposite the bed is a plasma unit extending into a small study cum library.

Daughters Room-After de-marking the respective zones, we were left with very little floor space in each room. The overall design had to be very gentle.  Generally the wardrobes look humongous, eating up on a lot of space. Here to make the feel very light wardrobe shutters have been crafted in clear glass and fabric. This smoothens the entire existence of the full length wardrobe. A hand-made lamp is suspended in a corner which is the eye catching feature of the room which is also used as a reading lamp.

LIGHTING-  Various mood lighting has been created in the house. Especially in the bedrooms the lights are custom made as there is no use of False ceiling to maintain the existing height.

GO GREEN: As the picture show, special locations were planed for the indoor planters. The deck is poured with lush and tall green potted plants. This helps in cutting down the view of monster structures all around giving a backyard feel.


Photography: Nikhil Juvekar

Nikhil Juvekar Design Associates

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