Alfred House by Austin Maynard Architects

July 13, 2016

Alfred House is the addition and reconfiguration of an existing two storey, two bedroom terrace, with a tired lean-to that had little relationship with the exterior space.

The client wanted us to replicate one of our previous projects,Vader House, as they liked the idea of a centralized courtyard. We were able to push the concept further due to the property’s connection with the lane way.

The lean-to was removed and the space redesigned to include an internal garden, kitchen/laundry, living/dining room, bathroom, (mezzanine) office and store room/garage, for the client’s prized motorbike.

Rather than placing the addition directly on the rear of the house, we moved it back to the boundary lane way. In doing so we essentially turned the dodgy little light well, that you find in most terrace houses, into an entire garden.

With a backyard you have to chose to go outside, whereas here you don’t have to make that decision, the walls easily fold away to activate the space in a more natural way.

Alfred was a real fine tuning exercise, unrelenting on every detail whilst working to a tight and constrained budget.

The way the doors in the kitchen come together without the use of a central column, the deceptive mirror splash back, use of perforated steel to filter light, the way the back glass window opens up completely without a fixed panel – it all required the greatest of effort but appears effortless.

Sustainability is at the core of Alfred House. We’ve introduced North-facing glass and perforated metal awning to enable passive solar gain. All windows are double glazed with thermal separated frames.

White roofs drastically reduce urban heat sink and heat transfer internally. High performance insulation is everywhere.

Austin Maynard Architects (formerly Andrew Maynard Architects)

Project team

Andrew Maynard, Mark Austin

Site / Floor Area:

142m2 site / 155m2 floor area

Completion date: December 2015

Builder: TCM Building Group

Engineer: Hive Engineering

Landscape Architects: Bush Projects

Artist (wall mural): Seb Humphreys – Order 55

Planning Consultant: Hansen Partnership

Building Surveyor: Code Compliance


Tess Kelly

Fraser Marsden

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