Alibaug Houses : designed by malikarchitecture

April 3, 2014

Alibaug is a district located 3 hours from downtown Mumbai (50min by ferry/20 min by speed boat). Formerly an agricultural and fishing zone, its proximity to Mumbai has seen it slated for phased redevelopment to alleviate the congestion of the island city . The plot for the house is nearly at the top of a hill overlooking the Arabian Sea and the skyline of Mumbai to the west.CLIMATE
Tropical, characterized by high temperatures in the summer (up to 38 degrees ), mild winters ( min 12 degrees), and very heavy monsoon showers ( prevailing wind and rain is primarily from the west and south-west).

Perched at the highest point on the plot, with negligible protection from the western and southern sun and from the heavy rains that are propelled by strong south-westerly winds, this house has been developed as a network of volumes and courtyards with large sweeping overhangs and deep recessed verandahs. It enjoys panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and the valley.

After construction began, the client commissioned a second home with a similar program and in close proximity to the first home, allowing them, when completed, to function independently or as a single entity.





Architect:Arjun Malik

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