Angular house designed by STOCK architects

May 9, 2014

The site is located in a section in the hill in a quiet residential area. There was an old house on the site. The site was stairs-like shape, and there were 2 steps of 4m for the south side.  Old house was made of high foundation to the form of the site. The old house has removed except for the foundation. We chose reinforcing and carry out the safe reservation of the existing foundation, so the new house succeeded the old house location and the topography taken over.In order to ensure the safety of the site, the pile was built so that heavy pressure might not be applied to retaining wall.  The existing high foundations were wrapped from outside, and the new foundations were built to reinforced like, so we could make the ground safely.The requests of the client were a space for which families gather, and individual space’s. The advantage on heights could arrange a family space on the upper floor. The balcony was jutted out of the living room over the 3m exterior, and a spread of the interior of a room was completed further. The level difference of a floor has a role which divides a room without a wall.  The window was made in a corner of the room obtained a view and a feeling of opening so that a look might be prolonged outside. Since sunlight strong against the site of heights without the thing to interrupt pours, the depth of the windows and the eaves are considered that light is suppressed moderately and the environment of the interior is being arranged.The ground floor will be the private room where an individual can enjoy a hobby. The walls of the ground floor are a bearing wall, and support the open large space on the upper floor.The firewood stove put in the living warms the whole house and can feel the wind enter through the window and enjoying a view in the summer and winter.

Design: STOCK architects

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