Annex : designed by Jun Igarashi Architects

April 1, 2014

The site located Saroma, in east Hokkaido. This region’s average housing area is about 330m2. But this house’s site area is 132m2, too small. In addition, the building area becomes 80~100m2 because of saving pathway width go through to inner building of this site and parking area.

The site surrounded neighborhood buildings except north street. Parking of pachinko and goods center at east side of site, old wooden house at west, and a large warehouse (now took down) at south.The site surrounding atmosphere being commercial district, for example beef barbecue restaurant located next to house. Because this town is non-designated area. So, it can be predicted that commercial building is expand in this district but new house will not planning same area.Client’s family is 2 person, mother and daughter. In the past, mother, daughter, couple, and 3 children live together in commercial house at south of planning site. Client needs this site for ANNEX building with commercial house because of children’s growth. And comfortable living space for gimpy mother, a room and storage for daughter, relationship between neighborhood and living space needed.This site environment is disadvantaged to making building, because of a few lightning insert to this site, no guarantee keep security to this house near the pachinko shop. From this condition, I think how to planning architecture. I considered how to swallow interior space by subjected lightning and distance to surroundings. I selected lightning to living space by permeability insulation. Next, I intended make a conscious distance from neighborhood by thicker exterior wall.To support lightning transmissive, I intend the wall structure’s bonder looks as thinner as possible. Set a main two-by-ten column and catch the column by two-by-four column. Then, two 73mm width space arrived at the column’s behind. Outside wall space become air current. The air is moving by changing air pressure and temperature difference, in spite of when outside been calm. Inside wall space play a buffer zone role with attaches a high moisture-retaining mesh sheet. And prevent cold draft in the winter with set a hot water pipe under the wall layer.FRP use to outside finish material, and mesh sheet use to inside. So inside and outside layer also make a transparency.

Inside plan is almost one-room. For make a sense of expansion when person living at 1st floor, and for connecting 1st and 2nd floor as one-room, 2nd floor slab and exterior wall is separated. 40mm steel pillar support 2nd floor slab.This thin pillar is support the kitchen counter too. This pillar is strong for vertical load, and connected 2 boxes (including entrance and toilet) because of prevent pillar’s swing. To building efficiently at construction site, exterior wall’s frame made a panel from pre-cut factory.As a result of considering neighborhood and given condition, this space made from pursuing necessity. The living space’s daylight resemble rising sunlight that transmissive covering snow with glass window, or transmissive wall of snow hut. I hope this space being original with this lightning.

Architects: Jun Igarashi Architects

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