APÊ 210 by 1:1 Arquitetura:Design

August 1, 2014

APÊ 210 a 220 m² apartment belongs to a young couple, with many stories, who loves to travel and share pleasant moments with family and friends. The project proposal was to offer greater flexibility and integration with spaces, and ensure quality of life for homeowners.

The property was completely renovated and the new layout and gained broad varsáteis environments, industrial, minimalist and brutalist up Socis are present in spaces with movable fixtures and contemporary design concepts and vintage pieces.

Textures and different materials lining the walls and make the integration between the environments through doors that desaparecen between coats.

The presonalidade and cosmopolitan atmosphere are guaranteed by design objects, works of art, ornaments and fabrics brought from numerous trips of owners.


Location: Brasília-DF, Brazil

Status: Built

Year: 2012

Architecture: 1:1 arquitetura:design / www.umaum-arquitetura.com

Team: Eduardo Sáinz Márquez / Lilian Glayna

Photo: Haruo Mikami

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