AVS Residence by Atelier Design & Domain

November 18, 2015

AVS Residence- East Meets West. The clients come from a very rooted Indian traditional culture which was matched with their influences of western experiences.

Modern Lines and eastern artifacts juxtapose together, to set up the tone for the project.

An anti-vestibule with its modern wooden textures forms the jacket receiving the brass artifacts as the entrance gesture.

The fluted wooden fins lined in the corridor camouflage the utility storage and door to media/guest room. A red console (designed by Josmo design) is placed at the entrance with brass mirrors above it.

The media is highlighted with a diagonal bar-coded pattern on the wall. This idea is further reinforced in the sofa design and then into the carpet creating for an unusual illusion.

The bar unit is designed as a console cantilevered from the wall and off the floor. It helps to define circulation and also create two pockets-one the living room and the other the dining area.

The living room has been treated with modern straight lines and infused with elements like the vintage fan, Eames chair and traditional artworks.

A special niche atop the cantilevered bar unit was created to accommodate a traditional brass idol…a family heirloom.

The light chandelier (a modern interpretation of cylindrical pipes designed in conjunction with Klove studio) holds the design in dining area together.

The dining sideboard with brass masks placed above it forms the backdrop to this space.

The master bedroom has been designed keeping in mind the clients love for library and study.

Incorporated into the design, the space is mostly treated in wood and fabric cladding to invoke a sense of warmth.

The sons room with its white and concrete look embodies the spirit of youth.

Project Details:

AVS Residence is done by Atelier Design & Domain  partners are-Anand Menon and Shobhan Kothari

Credits for photography- sebastian Zachariah

Web site : www.adnd.in

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