Bordô Apartment by Diego Revollo

April 5, 2018

Bordô Apartment: An explosion of colors, combined with a well-blended mix of furniture and pieces hinting at the 1970s, elevate the visual appearance of this 260m² apartment in São Paulo.

In cosy textures, the white and burgundy – color of the moment- highlight that luxury, above all, is comfort. A  game that Diego Revollo plays like few others.

The strong burgundy color was the starting point for the creation of this project, given that when the customer contacted the office , he was set on having the Home Theater in this shade.

Thus, the architect improved on the idea, lining the entire environment with a Shantung Bordô  fabric, fulfilling the customer’s desire and making that environment the great distinguishing feature of the apartment, serving as the background for the living room.

The heavy finishes left the scene to make room for a mix of identities. Different styles are welcome in the new days of the property. With simplicity, the architect defines what moves his office:  “ Personalization and fixation on the beautiful”.

Here, the clear structure resulting from integration between the spaces brought lightness to what was once a dark and compartmentalized space. “ Whith abundant light and flowing layout, we chose a rich color palette for a contemporary and chic décor, says Diego.

To complement the burgundy, shades of green and blue were added, such as the curved sofa with green velvet. And to accentuate the brightness of the apartment, the living room sofa was made entirely white, which fit perfectly with the burgundy background.

Another distinguishing feature of this project is the blend of natural wood shades, starting with the light Tauarí wood floors, passing through the honey oak  wood  on the terrace, the Grigio gray  wood panel, and working up to a dark Macassar Ebony wood in the dresser/bar in the living room. These wood  shades, combined with the neutral tones of the apartment, brought balance and warmth.

The mix of styles is the highlight of the decor:  French-style armchair, 60’s couch, golden tones bringing in the 70’s, and contemporary pieces – like the living room and home theater sofas.

This mix is also evident in the objects and decorations of the apartment, with textures and finishes ranging from traditional to contemporary, using  muranos, colored glass, ceramics and different metal tones, such as brass and silver, thereby generating a tuned blend of styles and times.

Project Name:  Bordô Apartment

Project Location:  São Paulo, Brazil

Architecture Firm:  Diego Revollo Arquitetura

Architect:  Diego Revollo

Area/Size:  260  m²

Year:  2018

Status:  Completed

Photographer:  Alain Brugier

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