Casa AP designed by MVN Arquitectos

April 12, 2014

A terrace was created which allowed us to open up the views overlooking the sea on one side and mountains on the other. We located the building at the edge of the northern boundary at the highest viewpoint as the southern part was very steep.From this position we designed a floor layout that allowed us to enjoy the double prospect of the building and at the same time taking maximum advantage of what the site has to offer.The overall form of the building has a base element which is made of stone, this provides the living areas of the house, whilst the three cubic white elements above, represent the more private areas.Inside, a glass enclosed courtyard defines the area of the living quarters on all four sides. The living room faces southeast and is open to the swimming pool in the foreground and the sea in the distance. The kitchen-dining area faces southwest and opens out onto the mountainside and the guest bedroom faces northeast and has views of a secluded garden, whilst the main entrance faces northeast.On the top floor, the bedrooms are located in two independent blocks.In an attempt to harmonise the building within the the landscape, steppedĀ  terraces have been incorporated to the immediate area around the house.The geometry of the building itself creates shaded area which are so important in this climate and together with the vegetation they provide a cool andĀ  attractive environment.The vegetation chosen for the garden is based on low-maintenance native species such as Carob, Mastic, Olive or Orange.

Design: MVN Arquitectos

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