Casa de Piedra by Juan Carlos Loyo arquitectura

March 27, 2018

Casa de Piedra: It is located in the state of Querétaro in Mexico. In this project we search to construct a fluid space that projects diverse memories tracing back to childhood places, haciendas, patios, and country houses; by uniting these multiple experiences we gave way to an assembly past elements with a purely contemporary perception.

The response of this fusion attains to be familiar, however it doesn´t leave behind the strange feeling, as it was the remembrance of two different people in the same place.

Undulating walls were used to create different private patios; these movements allow a better use of sunlight from the southern front, thus achieving to naturally increase the temperature inside. The 6 patios allow all rooms to control their degree of privacy achieving at the same time a cross-ventilation with a comfortable micro-climate.

The height difference of the walls responds to the degree of exposure or isolation needed, when going through the spaces these” grow “or” decrease” to communicate with each other, the program can be divided at the whim of the user, these can be in communication or closed.

Thanks to its materials you get an intimate feeling like a country house, the use of wood, tile and stone provides a relaxed atmosphere. In the public area the height doubles using curved volumes of pure geometries.

The library has underground shelves to allow storing a large number of books without losing the visibility of the internal courtyard and to take advantage of the lighting.

Casa de Piedra is a construction that search to dwell in the tension between history, personal desires, sustainability and the quest to generate new emotions through the flexible investigation of architecture.

Project Name:  Casa de Piedra

Project Location:  Querétaro, México

Architecture & Interior design Firm:  Juan Carlos Loyo arquitectura

Architect:  Arq. Juan Carlos Loyo

Area: 700 sq.m

year:  2015-2016

Photography:  Juan Carlos Loyo arquitectura

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