Chevron House

June 20, 2013

Chevron House is a new 5 bedroom family house in the creative suburb of West London.

Inspired by the architecture of the existing elegantly proportioned spaces, the design sets out to exaggerate, by scaling the space by removing walls, and attaching new space to create a large Edwardian warehouse on each of the three levels. The ground floor, the public level is essentially one space which is divided only by the use of colour and material. On the second and third levels, the private floors, bedrooms merge into bathrooms and visa versa.

The rear of the property has new extensions off both the living and kitchen reaching into the garden to absorb the light from the south.

color extensively was applied in such that the walls and ceilings are left light in color (off white) and that only elements or interventions (joinery etc) would be strongly colored giving the house a lighter atmosphere with greater sense of perspective.

Architect: Andy Martin

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