Concave Roof House No.2- Jun Yashiki & Associates

September 4, 2014

This is a two-family residence in a residential area of low houses on a plain in Tokyo, Japan.  The problems to be solved here are 1) how to protect privacy and to supply natural light, 2) how to provide flexibility for varying lifestyle, and 3) how to command a fine view in such a crowded area.

We proposed a “Concave Roof House”.  A series of Concave Roof Houses is a kind of attempt to make a courtyard form even in a small private house.  It has much possibilities for designing a todays private house in a temperate region.

The external walls of the house have a small number of small ventilation windows to protect privacy in a residential area in Tokyo.

The top of the 10m x 10m pyramidal roof is concaved to make a roof terrace.  The finishing materials of both the roof and exterior walls are the same black galvalume steel plates.

The roof is supported by four wooden truss wall girders framed in swastika form in order to make a 10m x 10m space with no column below.  Interior wooden window frames are painted in different colors at the projected corner.

Both constantly varying natural light in the daytime and moon light in the night come through high windows that are made between the roof and the roof terrace floor.

The space with no column provides flexibility for varying lifestyle, and is articulated to smaller spaces by the four wall girders above framed in swastika form.

The roof terrace commands a fine view around beyond the surrounding roofs.



Project name : Concave Roof House No.2
Total floor area : 244.39m2
Location : Tokyo, Japan
Structure : wood
Main use : two-family residence
Construction period : 2010.10`2011.04
Photo credit : Hiroyuki Hirai

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