Court of Justice by J. MAYER H.

October 29, 2014



The Court of Justice is one of two iconic projects within the new urban development around the main rail station.

The logistics and siting of a courthouse with multiple security barriers of security results in a massing composed of three interconnected volumes.

References include the old industrial steel structures that formerly occupied and definined the site, their organic Belgian Art Nouveau forms constituting part of the cultural heritage of Hasselt.

There are also echoes of a tree, which, in addition to being is the Hasselt town emblem, as well as also harks back to the historicpre-medieval European tradition  of holding a special “place of speaking justice” underneath a large tree in the center of a dwelling.


Court of Justice – Court of Justice at railway station area in Hasselt, Belgium

Function: Courthouse with courtrooms, offices, cafeteria and library

Location: Parklaan, Hasselt, Belgium

Total floor area: 20.763 m² above-ground spaces, 4.694 m² underground spaces,

3.384 m² underground spaces parking lot
Site area : 3640 m²
Building area : 3200 m²
Stories: 13, Max. Height: 60 m

Construction costs: 60.000.000 €

Invited competition: 2005, 1st Prize

Project date: 2005-2013

Completion: 2013

J. MAYER H. Architects, a2o-architecten, Lensºass architecten

J. MAYER H. Architects, Juergen Mayer H.

Project architects: Marcus Blum, Georg Schmidthals

Competition team: Guevenc Oezel, Jan-Christoph Stockebrand


Project team: Luc Vanmuysen, Jo Berben, Tim Vekemans, Mannfred Benditz

lens°ass architecten

Project team: Bart Lens, Massimo Pignanelli, Philippe Dirix, Jan Achten

Client: n.v. SOHA (Stedelijke ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Hasselt), Autonoom Gemeentebedrijf Hasselt, Euro Immo Star

Photographers: Bieke Claessens, Antwerpen; Filip Dujardin, Gent (For web-publication image use is free, for magazines please contact for fees and copyright); Philippe van Gelooven, Hasselt


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