CP House by Mauro Lacio Arquitetura

November 24, 2017

CP House: A couple looking for refuge and tranquillity in a proposal that combines green areas and the comfort of a country house. These were the basis for the project.

The idea was to create two blocks, in which one block would have the social function of the house while the other block would be the recreation area.

These are strategically covered by a beautiful slab-garden, creating a space for the air to run over the blocks, reducing the temperature and at the same, creating a plastic effect of flying while receiving light.

Wooden slats coat the house and filter the sunlight, creating a formal unit and giving weight to the facade, artificial light spot and warm tones, give the contrast.

Where the internal and the external are dialoguing through long glass panels, but it also allows privacy and comfort by braided wood.

The house is above ground level, a lower slab, slender and long ensure the lightness of the form.

Project Name:   CP House

Project Location:   Campinas, SP, Brazil

Architect:   Mauro Lacio Arquitetura

Built area:   318 m²

Site area:   6200 m²

Year:   2017

Render:   Trama 3D Studio

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