Chimes designed by Design Atelier Urbis

September 6, 2013

The Architecture of the Chimes Building, Gurgaon is about creating public spaces that are accessible and enable the experience of nature within the spaces of the building, symbolizing life inside the building. The design of the building addresses issues of sustainability, sociability, making room for nature, and program flexibility. The building mass is specially developed to demonstrate a novel solution for a multi-tenanted office building with floor plate size flexibility to create a mix of tenants from various service sectors and industries.

The Visuality and Sociability of the Journey path- Placing the the gardens around glass-lined movement corridors and Staircase cores suggest the idea of diverse experience of graded light and shaded spaces, landscape variations to include plant/animal life (etched into the stone surfaces), air, earth, and water as part of each of the pauses and transition experiences.

The form development follows the idea of raising the building on pilotis to relieve the ground and give back the landscape to the ground- creating a sociable and welcoming space of the entrance reception- a glass cube set in a water garden, using plants as tree cover and water as climate modulators.

A glass cube set in a water garden, using plants as tree cover and water as climate modulators.Shaded social spaces, and graded light, open spaces and light wells working as courtyards that relieve the bulk of the form and supply natural light to the inside of the office floor plates.

The Faceted Plan form orientation allows self-shading from the South and West and has larger surfaces on the benign directions of the North and East.

It recesses from the street corner allowing sight lines, and shows the building “in the round”.

Design Team:Design Atelier Urbis

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