Eisenstein’s storyboard summerhouse

June 24, 2014

Eisenstein’s storyboard summerhouse in Anafi, a small island in the southeast of Cyclades, Greece.Eisenstein’s story-board summerhouse uses the film-editing style of the montage, pioneered by the Russian director Sergei Eisenstein, to form a relationship with the surrounding context and the user’s spatial experience.The spaces constitute a collective series of images in juxtaposition with the nearby sloping cliff. The form twists and turns along a main axis guiding the user’s eye as it moves like a shifting camera between planes, volumes, floors and ceilings.The house is not meant to be perceived as a whole but as a sequence of movements (or as a montage sequence) that constitutes the basic principle of visual dramaturgy. Every frame of this sequence provides an element that finds its answer in the next frame.Eventually, the experience of the house produces a whole scenario, choreographed by the user similar to the way a filmmaker choreographs a movie. In contrast to the usual static or linear views of a building, the user-Eisenstein-would be at the same time spectator and participant in the kaleidoscopic spectacle of the house.

Design: METRIS architecture


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