FOC Sentosa by Lagranja Design

July 26, 2018

At the end of 2014 Nandu Jubany, a Michelin Chef; Lagranja, Jordi Noguera, and Dario Nocentini, star mixologist, export the spirit of Barcelona to Singapore with FOC restaurant, a space that soon becomes a gastronomic reference.

Just a couple of years later, FOC expands its roots to the recreational shores of Sentosa, Singapore, in Palawan beach. The new FOC is a reinterpretation of a combined Mediterranean beach bar with the Singaporean lifestyle: a bit of Barceloneta and a bit of Marina Bay: hammocks, parasols and a unique gourmet experience make the perfect match.

Lagranja designed both the architecture and interior design, creating the perfect space for what FOC Sentosa wanted to offer. The building has an irregular floor plant that adapts to the beach vegetation. Located parallel to the sea and the promenade, a very simple module is repeated in slight variations and shifts to keep two large trees, an African Mogano and Samanea saman (Rain Tree).

The top of the building is partly a solid roof and part covered pergola. Mixing sun and shadows, evokes the profile of a fisherman’s house. Floating above the first floor, almost completely glazed, it gives a light appearance to a building that is anything but small.

Access – from the street – is barycentric, distributed on either side two levels of semi-open spaces. Along the pool, are the beach bar and restaurant where the visitor finds a bar made by a shelf lacquered Steel covered with tuve glasses filled with transparent dyed resin, designed and produced by Lagranja Design for this project.

To furnish the terrace, the beach and tropical garden, Lagranja has created a collection of outdoor furniture: the Bold family (sofas, armchairs, lounge chairs, stools and chairs), which will be soon incorporated in Lagranja Collection catalog.

The icing on the cake was the invaluable collaboration of Javier Mariscal. Who has given us a folder of illustrations that have become the corporate identity of FOC Sentosa and both outdoor and interior large murals.



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