Frangipani by Hiren Patel Architects

February 16, 2017

Frangipani- Located in the suburbs, Frangipani is a fully accomplished housing scheme designed by HPA. The site is composed in such a way that it creates its own unique micro climate, amalgamating lavish recreational spaces and built architectural forms within it.

The tensile roof covers the pathways, aligned with the subordinate green spaces, which end up as entrance approaches for the respective building blocks. The C- shape orientation of the building blocks allows the formation of a central courtyard, which acts as a community gathering space. Balconies being extruded at alternate levels break the monotony of the built mass.

The high-rise community living has great challenge, but at HPA we look at it like an opportunity to create something new for the community. High density 10 storey building brings great opportunity of great community living due to many families living nearby.

The floor footprint is reduced with the Vertical development and we thought of creating a wonderful Retreat – garden with lots of activities, children friendly environment for young family and wonderful relaxing spaces for elderly people. Lots of fitness activities for young couples.

All these today’s urban luxury is well camouflage in garden. Garden from where you do not look at parked cars but you see children playing and people socializing. One sees the growing garden and understands the nature.

Soothing sound of water cascade and nature all around, together work as stress buster. This is how the frangipani is developed.

Frangipani is native flowering tree, which gives flowering throughout the year. There are 300 types of frangipani and many of them grow in this region of India. We took frangipani as a philosophical tree and planted in such a way that one notices it in all areas of this complex and also till the open to sky balconies with this beautiful tree.

There are few huge trees are also planted which are slow growing but has a life of 200 years , these trees will eventual create a huge canopy and create the great shade below which is like a blessing in hot climate . This growing landscape will keep this community living alive forever for sure.

The elevation is aesthetically treated. The services are well concealed and subtly integrate with the overall elevation. The various indoor amenities and common gathering areas are centrally located and add beauty to the overall layout. Architecture, Interior & Landscape blends well with each other, thus forming a continuous entity. 

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