Grid house – a fusion experience

April 29, 2014

Grid house house is a fusion experience. Actually, there’s no house. It’s an inhabitable garden, nature and architecture intrinsically meshed one into another.Clear, precise, the wooden grid fits into a small valley to promote the spot’s original function. It’s a spot in the vast and irregular land that every visitor must pass by on its way to the hill, to the river or to the tropical jungle.Suspending the house above this point is therefore a means to keep the routes and to create new ones: one can walk beneath the grid, on its long external aisle, or on the green roof.Trees grow on the grid’s empty modules, making clear what is nature and what is construction. All together, though, it’s a unity, a coherent landscape.

Design: Forte, Gimenes & Marcondes Ferraz Arquitetos
Design team: Renata Davi, Renata Buschinelli Goes, Luiz Florence, Adriana Junqueira, Paloma Delgado, Ivo Magaldi, André Malheiros, Luciana Muller, Débora Zeppellini, Marília Caetano, Nilton Rossi.

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