Gujral Residence by Group DCA

September 7, 2017

Gujral Residence- Combination of lavish interior spaces with an appealing exterior elevation, the house is an example of building an extremely luxurious premise using vertically spatial elements to define volume rather than a sprawling site on the ground. Landscaped courts along with terraces and balconies attached to the rooms of the house maintain an air of openness and lightness within the house.

Natural light flows from large windows and double height spaces preventing the inside spaces from appearing closed and restricted. Free and easy movement along the circulation corridors and the large staircase contribute in keeping the house extremely comfortable yet luxurious. The  residence is a happy and relaxed getaway for the Gujral family from the hustle of the city.

The Gujral house sitting in the middle of the chaotic neighborhood of Pusa Road, Nea in Delhi, is a composed oasis for living. A modern refreshing building is resurrected through an interplay of materials on the façade giving the building its distinctly disparate look. Designed for a small family, it has large spacious rooms split on three levels along with a stilt level that creates a versatile landscaped space.

The outdoor Landscape is an extension of the everyday living and opens up into a large gathering space for parties. The vast openness of the premise against the backdrop of greenery amidst the crowded city lends a unique element of luxury.

The stilt floor acts as the entrance porch with foliage/flora along the driveway creating a soothing ambiance. Part of the courtyard is used as an outdoor sitting space . To the east is a wide driveway interspersed by planters enveloped in stone mosaics.  A centrally built large square tree enclosure breaks the space into smaller pockets that may be used for a variety of activities during gatherings.

The service area is buffered by these landscaped spaces, giving the idea of recluse within the green surroundings. Stone planters and mosaic patterns on the wall add warmth and grace of this area . The wide edges of the planters can be used for casual seating alongwith the  stone benches that  run along the entry wall for visitors.

The dark Emperador staircase and an elevator take one up to the three floors on which the house is split. Ground floor has a grand and opulent drawing and dining room with classical furniture and lighting fixtures while the double height family lounge at the heart of the floor has casual furniture to create a more relaxed environment. The lounge is overlooked by a spill-out zone on the first floor for interaction within.

The lounge opens up into an a terrace as an extension to the family area. Bedrooms have huge dressers and luxurious bathrooms finished in Italian marble. Combination of stone flooring, leather and wooden furniture in the bedrooms expresses grace and affluence. The bathrooms are contemporary and help keep the look eclectic yet lavish. A large open hall and the attached terrace designed as the covered outdoor space on the 2nd floor –make it an ideal place to entertain guests.

Exteriors of the house are modern and contemporary, in contrast to the more classical and oriental interiors. Combination of Portuguese limestone and natural Brazilian wood is used to add character to the elevation along with slatted rough finish stone and stone mosaics on the boundary wall. Projecting balconies, extending roofs and recessed full height glass windows with the four stories together create a harmonious composition.

Wood wraps on the underside of the projecting terrace and roofs to give the horizontal members a floating allure. The horizontal and vertical lines of the elevation contrasted by the corner glass windows give it a more dynamic perspective. The patterns on screens and railings create vibrancy and verve within the simple lines of the exteriors, thus crafting complexity, which makes the design of the house modest yet flamboyant.

The use of natural materials and textures impart an essential degree of warmth, without compromising on the style quotient. Materials and  elements used to break the massing of four floors and the color of wood and stone wrapping the exterior face express humility within the robust structure.


Project title:             Gujral Residence

Location:                   New Delhi

Firm:                           group DCA

Architects:               Amit Aurora and Rahul Bansal


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