Hainan BoAo Bio-Medical Regeneration and Research Centre by Gerber Architekten

February 4, 2018

Hainan BoAo Bio-Medical Regeneration and Research Centre: This new 90,000 m² health resort with a medical centre and associated stem cell research facilities is to be constructed on Hainan Island in the South China Sea. It will be a unique combination of world-class medical departments and facilities for rest and recuperation, equipped to provide the highest standards of comfort. Gerber Architekten have been awarded 1st prize for their design of the Hainan BoAo Bio-Medical Regeneration and Research Centre.

The site lies in a verdant strip of land raised above the plain and protected from the frequent flooding of the river Wanquan. At the centre of the new complex, a lake will create a special atmosphere that will help patients and visitors to rest and recuperate. This will be a place where patients will feel well-treated and looked after as if they were at home. In addition, the highest standards of comfort, recuperation and security will guarantee a pleasant stay.

The tropical climate of Hainan played a decisive role in the development of the architectural concept, in order to ensure the provision of beneficial recreational and regeneration accommodation. The orientation of each building takes into account the changing intensity of the sun throughout the day as well as differences in size and use. All the buildings in this new health and well-being facility are grouped around the central lake which creates a cool microclimate. A combination of smaller interconnected outdoor spaces with larger impressive public spaces provides many opportunities for peaceful relaxation.

About us: Gerber Architekten is a German practice with national and international projects consisting of a team of approximately 170 employees and headquarters in Dortmund, Hamburg, Berlin, Riyadh and Shanghai. Its fields of work cover urban design, architecture, landscape design and interior design. Completed projects range from landscape architecture and urban redevelopment to high-rise buildings, from administrative buildings and stations to residential and university buildings and laboratories right through to cultural buildings. Gerber Architekten, established by Prof. Eckhard Gerber in 1966, has 50 years of expertise at its disposal.

Project Name:  Hainan BoAo Bio – Medical Regeneration and Research Center

Project Location:  Hainan Island, South China Sea

Project Type:  Medical Centre and Health Resort

Architecture Firm:  Gerber Architekten

Programme:  Competition

Site Area:  90,000 m²


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