High-End Duplex Apartment

November 1, 2012

Spread over 3,500 sq.ft, the duplex apartment is designed by ZZArchitects

The Duplex Apartment is located close to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai, and has magnificent views of the city and dense landscape. Once the design brief was in hand, it became very easy to carve out the voluminous space. Light and the external landscape had to seamlessly filter into the home to make it unique.A lot of emphasis has been laid on lighting of the house. Elliptical light fittings have been placed in the ceiling. The staircase is entirely made of stone except next to the dining area where a butch stack glass is placed to shield the washbasin from view. The koi pond created near the landing adds serenity.


The main entrance of the house opens into the hallway leading towards the guest bedroom, kitchen, dining and the living rooms.Design of the formal living room ensures that the view and the volume of the house were not compromised. On one side of the living room, an alcove is created with a skylight, which slightly entreats onto the terrace. This gives the homeowners a lovely experience of enjoying the outdoors whilst they are indoors to make duplex apartment unique.

Colours have been used minimally and multiple shades of a colour have been used to create an accent in the area. The nude colour tones of the marble flooring and cladding, with an interplay of fabrics and textures for curtains and upholstery used for furniture are in the shades of beige and silver with bold colour accents present throughout the house. Marble has been used extensively. The basic material palette has been kept neutral and a lot of emphasis is given to spatial quality and fit &finish.

Architect: Zubin Zainuddin


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