House for 2 Brothers – Mahesh Radhakrishnan

April 20, 2013

House for two brothers

The Madras Office for Architects and Designers – MOAD

The Madras Office for Architects and Designers (MOAD) is a multidisciplinary team of young architects and designers with combined expertise in providing a range of services from large scale urban design to human scale interface design.
Formally established in Chennai in 2004, MOAD has completed projects in Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Calicut and Hyderabad, many of which have received exposure in national magazines and newspapers.

We believe architecture is a product of Culture and hence should express life….. Our designs are born out of this premise and undergo a rigorous process involving the context, user and materiality.

Principal Architect

Mahesh Radhakrishnan is the founding partner of MOAD. He has diverse work experience in countries including India, Germany, Australia and Ethiopia and is a member of the World Society of Ekistics in Greece. His works have been on display in exhibitions such as ‘Serve city’ and ‘Event city’ at Bauhaus in 2001, ‘Surrogate city’ at Dessau in 2001, `Die Stadt Als Event’ at ‘Mousonturm’ Frankfurt in 2002 and the Garage Festival at Germany in 2002. He has been closely involved as faculty/ guest critic for the postgraduate program in Digital Architecture at the School of Architecture and Planning, Chennai, ever since its initiation and has been a guest critic at the University of Sydney and University of New South Wales and several universities in India.
Mahesh was a research scholar at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in Germany and received a baccalaureate degree in architecture from the National Institute of Technology formerly REC, Tiruchirapalli.

Architect: MOAD, Mahesh Radhakrishnan
Photography: Ganesh Ramachandran, Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Dhivya Ravishankar

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