House MEWS 03

June 18, 2013

Mews 03 is a single residence set in fashionable Notting Hill Gate. Andy wanted this existing 2 levels modest mews house to be redeveloped into a 4 levels family home, and to be a private cocoon but open to the elements.

An important aspect of this building is the way AMA have managed to capture the available light creatively, using glazed and wooden screens, and even natural vegetation screens giving all the spaces a unique atmosphere through t out the day and night. The circulation through the levels is critical.

The circulation space is as long as reasonably possible. With sharp changes of direction, the circulation traverses the dimensions of the available volume, providing a powerful sequence of views on the process. The surface materials provide an experience of movement through the building mapping out the route with its slippery black glazed monolith rising through the 4 levels.

One of the abutting walls is clad throughout with Douglas Fir giving one the impression that the building is some fixed back to neatly constructed barn. AMA are architects of strong powerful contrasts. The architecture not only lives with but is positively by its contradictions: elegance and texture, weight and weightlessness and, above all, light and dark.

Established in 2000 and based in London, AMA is a new generation architectural practice. The studio incorporates architects, interior designer, furniture, , lighting, and product designers. Andy, who has worked with some illustrious names in design and creative fields, creating some of the most memorable spaces in London and around the globe.

The mission at AMA is to carry out ambitious building at multiple scales and programs, with a commitment to innovation, design and sustainability. We build within the city as if is our own, and we are proud of the result and conscious of the effect that our buildings have on both the city around and the inhabitants within.

Architect: Andy Martin


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