Mizuishi Architect Atelier designs house with Crossing Gate

April 1, 2014

This is a small house built in the corner plot that is before coming to a dead end. Residents are husband and wife and two young boys. It is the location of the favorable conditions facing the roads in south and east. But because the neighborhood residents come and go , it was a challenge how to take the outside and how to open the inside, even while making living areas calm.The building is 5.58m square and have a three-layer structure including a lower ground floor. Each floor is divided into loosely by Wooden gate frames that is crossing in cruciate, and thereby makes the recessed “IN space” of the northwest and the opening-like “OUT space” of the southeast.“IN space” is 3.6m square in each floor, is protected and functional place. In particular, big bathroom (in the small house) of the middle floor characterizes this house.”OUT space” is a place that takes in the external elements by the window of the big and small. It is assumed the usage of non-limiting and fluid, amd the space create another corner plot in the house by enclosing in L-form facing the two roads.”OUT space” are inner eavas space and environmental buffer zone for “IN space”In addition, four sliding doors run on the crossing gate frame. They change the relationship of IN / OUT space by separating or connecting each other by how it is used and change of seasons.That sliding doors of each floor is, BF : non-clear , 1F : semi-clear , 2F : clear. And Because their size is unified, you can set up them to anywhere in BF or 1F or 2F.By crossing gate boundary exists symbolically, there are ambiguous spaces and some outside-like places in the house, and let those relationships mix more. It became the house which could find various places to stay and possibillity in this small cube.

Architect : Kota Mizuishi / Mizuishi Architect Atelier
Photographer : Hiroshi Tanigawa

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