Huafa Hengqin International Exchange Plaza by RMJM

March 22, 2018

Huafa Hengqin International Exchange Plaza: The proposal for International Exchange Plaza is the response to a series of requests defined by the brief. The client was seeking an economical design for the project, comprised of a retail podium, an exchange plaza, an office tower and a residential tower with a maximum height of 190m, and a total GFA of approximately 100,000 sqm. Along with the emphasis on a cost-effective approach, the brief called for an iconic and harmonious presence of the proposal, located on an island planned to be the central financial business district of Zhuhai, China.

The proposed design not only fulfills the practical aspirations of the brief but also takes them to another level by turning them into design opportunities. The office tower located in the southwest part of the plot is defined by a continuous green ribbon running up the volume following three given office types. The footprint retracts as it goes up, so that open public gardens are created at vertical junctions of the volumes, whilst at the same time increasing the height of the tower to offer maximized views to the sea in comparison to the mere extrusion of a footprint.

A sense of movement and drama is created with this stepping form. Given the close proximity to the sea, the proposal is driven by the opportunities of sea views. The towers are placed at two opposing corners of the site and strategically oriented to maximize sight lines. The distinctive character of the site adjacent to the sea was also a source of inspiration for the facade design.

Ascendingly-patterned glass and horizontal fins form layered lines on the facade to create a sense of undulating waves whilst at the same time acting as a sunscreen to minimize solar radiation. The character of the site is further utilized in the podium design. The podium retail layout, inspired by archipelagoes, creates permeable semi-outdoor retail streets and facilitates natural ventilation.

The proposal, responding strongly to the characteristics of the site as well as the brief, was awarded third prize in the competition, and made a strong impression on the client who praised our innovative commercial podium design as well as the cohesion between the towers and podium.

project Title:  Huafa Hengqin International Exchange Plaza

project Location: Zhuhai, China

Architecture Firm:  RMJM

Type: Commercial and Residential Tower

Area (GFA):  100,000 sqm (approx)

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