Intervention in the historic centre of Draga-Sibenik Phase 1A by Mateo Arquitectura

February 8, 2016

Intervention in the historic centre of Draga-Sibenik- The first phase of the project is now under way. Phase 1A develops the original idea, adapting it to new needs and following the topographic and volumetric strategy proposed from the outset for the construction of this site.

This first phase begins in the highest part, making its way down to the sea as it develops.

In this highest part is a building designed to accommodate homes and offices on its upper levels, with a range of bars and restaurants around the entrance, and a large market and supermarket leading to a car park for some 600 vehicles on the basement levels.

Continuing towards the sea is the bank crowned by luxury housing with 360º views.

One of the project aims is to exploit the geographical situation and give all the dwellings views of the sea.

Continuing the bank is a public space delimited on either side by housing blocks with shops in their ground-floor premises.

The central space opens up into a plaza that slopes to adapt to the topographic changes in the terrain since, despite their proximity, there is a 16-metre difference between the plaza and sea level.

Beneath this complex, a night-time leisure area is generated, with a casino, clubs and bars, etc.

The construction of this phase will also take place at two different times: the building housing the market will be constructed first, later followed by the public space with its surrounding buildings and the bank.

In 2009 Josep Lluís Mateo won the restricted competition for the intervention in the historic center of Draga-Sibenik, in Croatia, where the empty space between the islands draws an axis that continues on dry land, on Draga.

“The location is marked by a geological structure that produces empty and full spaces. We choose to respect, continue and construct it. We build on the limits of the place. Volumes to either side consolidate the topography. At the far end, following the axis, our buildings construct the street, forming a gateway to the whole. The centre is empty public space that receives various treatments, moving gradually from the greater urban-ness of the plaza beside the street to the increased presence of nature where the project meets the sea”. – Josep Lluís Mateo

Mateo Arquitectura-

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