Invena – story of a dying architecture

October 15, 2013

A bright blue staircase into this discarded building, the installation Invena by italian firm ecru architetti, seeks to create a feeling of rebirth.

“The impassive surgeon look up – is he ready?” 1. This is the story of a dying architecture put under the reflectors (of an operating theatre). It is offered as the last and the only one frontier for planning experimentation.

The interest for this reality move from its condition of being a waiting place. In the ability of assimilate and to be assimilate is showing the ability at the trasformation. The purpose is cunsulting about the natural repulsion to insert a new architecture into an untouchable context.

To attent the territory: this is the natural function of a urban prosthesis.
To substitute a missing or damaged portion of the landscape by means of an artificial system. To insert an extraneous component into a dying organism, which live developing itself of its decadence and memory. It growing within bring her to the rebirth like in a contemporary miracle.

The opera tells the time at which this animal in the making architectural space attacks the workshop beginning the slow process of nurturing and reactivation punctuated by unexpected contamination, landing and flight, climbs and descents.

The monotone blue paint provides a strong visual contrast next to the rough concrete

Premio Federico Maggia 2013 “Industrie Dismesse. Giovani architetti fabbricano idee”. Biella
Federico Maggia 2013 prize “disused industries. Young architects fabricate ideas”. Biella

Progetto finalista
Biella, Italia
Concorso Settembre 2013
Realizzazione Settembre 2013

Photography: filippocavalli

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