Krkonose Mountains Centre for Environmental Education by Petr Hajek Architekti

August 2, 2014

Education center

The building is situated into a city park in front of the administration building of KRNAP (Krkonoše Mts. National Park). The building geometry is derived from the geometry of Krkonoše Mountains.

Education institute

Every edge or slope on the building could be found in its real, natural topography. In between of the metal vectors, which represent the mountain ridges, there is growing sedum.

The new building is set apart from the existing one to create an entrance platform. This public space atmosphere is supported by fully glazed side wall through which it is possible to look into the building and indirectly become a part of an ongoing lecture or seminar inside of the building.

interior of educational institute

The building itself is energy efficient and should represent the ideas of the National park and preservation of nature. Main bearing structure and underground walls are made out of face concrete.

Inner partitions and furniture are made out of plywood. Design of furniture and dimensions of its basic parts are adapted for the size of plywood plates and because of that there are no wasted residues.

PLACE:      Vrchlabi, Czech Republic DESIGN:      2009 IMPLEMENTATION:   2011 – 2014 CLIENT:    Krkonoše Mountains National Park Administration AUTHOR:    Petr Hajek Architekti, MAIN ARCHITECT:   Petr Hájek PARTICIPATION ON THE CONCEPT: Helena Línová, Michal Volf DESIGN PARTICIPATION:  Cornelia Klien, Andrea Kubná, Ondřej Lipenský, Helena       Línová, Martin Prokš, Martin Stoss, Michal Volf, Jan Kolář GRAPHIC DESIGNER:   Kristina Ambrozová CIVIL ENGINEER:   Jan Kolář GEOMETRY OF THE SHELL:  Jaroslav Hulín PORTABLE FURNITURE:  Cornelia Klien, Martin Stoss
PHOTO CREDITS: Benedikt Markel

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