February 23, 2013

Equipment dedicated to con-temporary and emerging music, assembling together 2 performing show halls (1200, 400 places), 16 re-cording and training studios, spaces for digital exper-imentation, offices, and welcoming public spaces.

On the “île de Nantes”, La Fabrique takes place on one side of the previous Dubigeon ware-house, near the Alstom warehouse ( the upcoming centre of the “Quartier de la Création”) and the old shipyard turned to great gardens.This context gave Tétrarc the opportunity to gather the recalls of a place abandoned by History and re-mind us that Culture is continuum made of sedimen-tation & fertile rediscovery.

The project is made of 3 distinct elements. First, the 400 Hall (with offices upon it) then the 1200 Hall : two parts connected by a public Hall inserted in the concrete post frame of the Halle Dubigeon. Finally the studios take place in a volume suspended above an old air-raid shelter.

Photography: Stéphane Chalmeau
Architect: Tetrarc architects

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