LEGO’s Headquarters by CF Møller

July 26, 2016

LEGO’s Headquarters- CF Møller faced with the design of a new building complex behind a global hub for the LEGO Group. 52,000 m² building and a large, public park a framework for jobs, new communities, flexible work arrangements and sustainability. A new global hub for LEGO’s headquarters. How to describe LEGO Group even the new LEGO complex, CF Møller has designed. The construction is based on LEGO values and innovative culture, both to act as a workplace and playground for employees. It brings together bright, flexible offices around a spectacular atrium with familiar LEGO elements and colors, while the ground floor provides a coherent LEGO People House with space for social and physical activities bordered by a new public park. Activity in and outside working hours The extensive new construction must houses a large portion of LEGO’s Danish-based employees, while at the same time will have space for a wide range of community facilities and to receive guests from outside, not least LEGO employees from around the world. – the new complex will be the place where disciplines meet, where experience is exchanged, where new ideas are born, and where inspiration encouraged.

Along with its embracing landscape prisoners project feeling, sensation and function of the classic campus, says Klaus Toustrup, partner and managing director of CF Møller on office complex. A place for cooperation and play an absolutely central part of the new building will be LEGO People House, an area that contains common facilities for a wide range of activities in an informal and inspiring atmosphere. Therefore LEGO People House designed from a systematic involvement of the LEGO Group’s own employees. The process has CF Møller been coordinator for, and involvement was an important parameter in the construction of the new office complex, explains Klaus Toustrup: – In close collaboration with LEGO and employees, we have ensured that the project radiates openness, quality and sustainability – all key LEGO values, he says. – LEGO’s vision is to invent tomorrow’s game, and we have emphasized in the architecture as a place for collaboration and games for both employees and the public. CF Møller is an architect and landscape architect for the new building for LEGO Group in Zurich, while Niras is a consulting engineer. The building integrates itself in the Master Plan for the Municipality of Billund and puts, in addition to focusing on new and flexible working practices also focus on low energy consumption, green communities and optimum daylight conditions.

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