Lovo designed by ercu architetti

August 13, 2013

First prize
Design and self-building of a shelter for the future biodegradable and temporary hotel in PAMP, Park Agricultural Multifunctional Paduli. (Lecce, Italy)



LOVO is a space. A warm space. A safe space. A rediscovered space. LOVO is also a dimension without geometry. No geometry has design the formula of the egg. To calculate the circle and the sphere is used the pi but for the perfect form that generates life there isn’t squaring. There is in fact of an immeasurable dimension in which man finds life along a way back to the embryonic stage. But man along this way conscientiously and remembering the future.

LOVO is an uterine dimension made of doorways and unknown atmosphere that draw human being along a poetical return to the origin of life commune with the nature. It is a inevitable and natural way in reverse to a prenatal stage in which men and women, plunged in an amniotic mood, rediscover themselves in the middle of a microcosm in which “the beginning” take form and become tangible.

LOVO is the cosmic egg which is ovule, is uterus, is alcove, is shelter. Therefore the project “born” from the purpose of rebuilt an archetype and emotional room in which men and women can wear out their origin in shelter against the outside world.In this sense LOVO is a refuge. It is a refuge and a repair from the chaotic outer circumstances, because in the middle of it is contract the topmost end the most true sense of life.Like so the two bodies get mixed up in the act of love, even the origins and nature of Puglia dilute themselves in an ancient ploy.In this way the park of Paduli play a role of protagonist. Olive trees become the strong roots at the base of this out of focus presence that is LOVO. Sure enough to imagine a project in the middle of the park of Paduli cannot exclude the olive trees at the origin of the project method.

The external membrane of LOVO in achieved through a thick awning, the white net for the gathering of olives often used in the farmer practices. The nets are connected to a structure made of commune reed (arundo donax) put together to draw a circle grafted at the frond of the olive tree. The nets fall down to the plot where a structure made of reed, same as the structure at the top, act as a counter-weight stretching the nets, so that begins to create a sheer barrier between inside and outside.
The same working is used into the inner space to support the awning made of orange net used for the harvest of the olives. The sense of the two materials is evocative yet again. The nets for the harvest of the olives get “the fruit” and supervise it from the contact with the plot.
The inner “room” see sacks made of jute full of straw to create a big soft surface and lamps functioning with oil obtained from the squeezing out of the olives, to create a pleasant and romantic atmosphere.
The project see the realization of more than one room to create a little village into the area characterized from itineraries, trails and sinous lines made of rocks and and stones.
During the night this elements light up and release a murky and hot light becoming a lantern into the landscape.

LOVO is amount as a kind of stratified bubble grafted under the foliage that can be crossed and discovered. It is made of two membrane, one is more external, the shell of the egg, white and compact but at the same fragile and porous. The inner, distinct from a free diaphragm, more dense and opaque, the yolk.This “yolk” is exactly the liquid heart of the project, the spatial and poetical dimension of the research. In the center, the log of the olive tree is the handhold to the plot, is the center of gravity for the two membrane.

Design Team : ercu architetti

Simona Bertoletti/Flippo Cavalli
Antonello A. Sportillo/Giulio Viglioli


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