Mersin Stadium by Bahadır Kul Architects

December 29, 2014

The stadium is expected to used for international and national sports.The capacity of stadium is 25.000 spectators. it is thought to be a symbolic building for the city because of its architectural design and its audience.

The stadium is located in Yenisehir, Mersin with an area of 55.000square meters.

The stadium’s landscape designed to connect pedestrians with the area. The stadium located on the main road connects stadium to city center .

This leads to Mersin Stadium as a cultural center for spectators.

In design process, one of the criteria is reducing traffic jam, so that it is planned 1.295 spots for cars and 46 spots for buses for public transportation in the master plan.

Technical Info:
The stadium ground will be covered with high quality artificial grass that fits the FIFA and UEFA criteria. Spectators keep eye on whole stadium clearly.

This shows that It can be used for different sports and gathering purposes but it is mainly programmed as a soccer field.

The stadium, designed on an elliptic form. Stadium’s shell shape is observed from this elliptic form.

The shell is a symbolic form which defines relation between landscape and structure also sets a boundry to area. Moreover, dynamic form which is created by elliptic form covers all tribune areas from top.

The material used for shell is suitable for climate in Mersin and it provides spectators and soccer players a comfortable area.

In the stadium, there are police station, restaurant, retails, health center and box office.Additionally, there are VIP area, administration office,UEFA club acceptance field, restaurant, food-court etc. between two tribunes.


Bahadır Kul Architects:
Location: Mersin/ TURKEY
Project Year: 2012
Construction period: 2012-2013
Capacity: 25.000 person
Site Area: 111.000 m2
Total Floor Area: 75.000 m2
Project Type: Sports
Client: Housing Development Administration of Turkey
Photographer: Ket Kolektif

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