mill24 by Caramel Architekten

May 2, 2017

mill24- Because of specific composition of the newest project mill24“ by caramel architects, the urban recompaction, implemented by an expansion of the roof of an early days house, can hardly be noticed from the street area.

Outdoor space is gliding into the inside space and the on the roof created idyllic garden can be experienced and reached from every room and is even surrounded by each single one of it.

The open spaces are extending over the different levels and in every cardinal direction and are not only creating a panoramic view but, from the inside as well as on the outside, story and climate overlapping tension-ridden spaces.

The complete living-, eating-, kitchen and relaxing space is openly designed. Even the sanitary installations are providing a see-through sight. But two bedrooms and one home office are also providing closed up retreat opportunities.

The very first construction is made of steel or ferro-concrete. The material of the outdoor wrappers as the roof and balustrades is a very high-end, light grey synthetic top layer, the floor boards are made of smoothed and transparent and varnished screed and have coloured sealing in the areas of the lavatories.

Living area: 172,29 m²

Terraces:  71,96 m²

Photographer: Hertha Hurnaus

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