Mineira house by FC Studio

February 7, 2017

Mineira house- From the 4 meters land unevenness to the right and back side neighbor, the view which opens forward is relevant. This panorama establishes a kind of continuity between the treetop and the buildings shape from Vespasiano region. As the residence occupies only half of a lot, a huge empty area on the right side makes able a direct contact to the exterior, where the whole house leans over. Therefore, the social areas get relationship with the landscape through a sequence of integrated spaces with a big pavilion that offers any living possibilities. On the other side (left), there are the service area and the vertical circulation bordered by more compartmentalized spaces. Protecting these areas, there is a hanging concrete form that houses all the bedrooms and a big terrace which covers the whole main floor rooms. Therefore, the relationship between the user and the landscape make it potent.

Year: 2015
Location: Vespasiano, MG, Brazil
Built area: 422m²
Site area: 810m²
Render: Mauro Lacio

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