Nice 3.1 by Josep Lluís Mateo

April 15, 2018

Nice 3.1: The building block will be located at the Nice-Saint Augustin-Airport multi-modal hub in the new Grand Arénas district, set to become one of the largest international business centers in Southern Europe. Josep Lluís Mateo is also in charge of the design and supervise of its urban planning, based on the principals of intelligent urbanism.

“This project sets out to construct an urban form that consolidates the northern part of the multi-modal axis. Currently located in empty space, on the outer periphery, a new part of the city is set to appear here in the near future.

A city at the intersection of new communication flows that  will guarantee its centrality and prevent it being marginal (train, bus, tram, airport).
The building constructs a dense figure, with abundant new uses, an example of the mix required by the contemporary city (housing, offices, hotels, residential homes).

The building constructs a horizontal figure, traditional in scale, punctuated by emerging points that relate it with its surroundings and complete the figure.

The building is hard, regular and repetitive— like much of our Mediterranean urban tradition. The building relates with nature: with sun, light, wind… its inner courtyards are the typical micro climates of our culture

The project aspires to bring together a vision at the urban scale and a local meeting with community and matter. The construction detail will also play a leading role.

Project Name: Nice 3.1

Project Location: Nice (Grand Arénas district), France


Architecture Firm:  Mateo Arquitectura

Architect:  Josep Lluís Mateo

Project: 2014-2018

Construction: 2021

Surface: 35.000 m²

Budget: 45.000.000 €

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