Gergeti designed by NVDRS

October 11, 2013

Gergeti is a coffee table and a flexible system, thanks to the different elements that could be used separately or all together.

The wooden top works also as an equipped tray, holding accessories that can be brought to different environments, thus living as single objects.

Product description:

The coffee table Gergeti is actually a flexible system, made of different elements that could be used separately or all together. It’s defined by a strong but as well minimalist geometry, that decorates different environments and contexts, and by different materials, combined in a harmonic and graceful way.

Its selling point is the opportunity to divide the wooden surface -that could be brought separately as an equipped tray- from the single elements, the accessories: the vase, the ashtray or the candle holder. These ones could be wedged in the wooden surface or used and brought in separate environments as single objects.

Thanks to the multi level system that characterizes the main surface, the table doesn’t lose any aesthetic or stylish strength: au contraire, it becomes a furnishing object that gains so a surplus value: a true iconic project.

NVDRS have exposed Gergeti at B.Factory in Ventura Lambrate design District during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2013.
YEAR: 2013 MATERIALS: metal, ash DIMENSIONS: h450xw520xd350

Wood colours

NVDRS is a design collective based in Milan, Italy. Its members are: Stefano Pertegato, Francesco Schiraldi and Eloisa Tolu, who met for the first time during their studies at Politecnico design school. After following their personal professional paths they decide to work all together and to found the collective, pursuing the goal to design innovative projects with a shared vision.
NVDRS and its members collaborated with top international designers, consultancies and young emerging talents. Among them: Michael Young, Toan Nguyen, Lanzavecchia + Wai, Leo Burnett, Kristiina Lassus, Danese Milano

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