One-story House in

June 24, 2014

There are a few one-storey houses in almost every residential Montreal neighborhoods. This 900 sq.ft.-house is located at the corner of 2 busy streets in Ahuntsic. The size of the property and tight budget did not make it possible to build an extension. The interior was therefore reconfigured to fit a third room and meet the needs of this family of 4.The small naturally-lit and ventilated rooms are now located along the front and back of the house. The common living spaces are in the middle of the house.A new skylight and new openings on the side façade provide some light and rare views. An oiled pine floor, some birch plywood, coloured laminates and light colours unite merge and enhance this small space for a small fee.To comply with municipal regulations, the façades are built of bricks. Some cedar insertions control the small volume of a single-floor dwelling. It is the lateral façade that best showcases the new layout.Once shaded, it now has windows that are strategically placed to preserve the intimacy of the occupants and add more natural lighting. The front façade is more traditional and has a cedar bench used for storage. It is located on the new porch.

Design: Anik Péloquin, architect
Photography: Daniel Kudish

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