Oxley – Elenberg Fraser’s new building

September 30, 2013

Always challenging the status quo, Elenberg Fraser’s new building Oxley looks at residential architecture in two new ways.

Firstly, instead of a mega-building, we’ve designed a series of four different villa-like modules with the privacy and amenity of houses and the community and convenience of apartments giving people the best of both worlds.

The non-identical villas, each containing a range of affordable high-density apartments, face onto a shared landscaped internal garden and residents also have access to the activated, communal rooftop spaces –Oxley is a virtual urban resort.

Located within the Smith Street activity precinct the building offers choice for future residents – the variation amongst the housing offering caters for the needs of the broad demographic group of the area.

Secondly, this building is all about texture, not form ,the building ropes in its surrounding
environment with concrete surfaces that emulate the rough – hewn variation of tree bark. 

Like those natural surfaces the contoured façade cracks open and celebrates the ancient art of masonry, where details are never exactly replicated but beauty is found in the resulting hand-crafted diversity.

The adjacent Foy and Gibson building as well as Collingwood’s local character is echoed in flowing brick patterns on the pre-cast walls. A blade wall provides passive environmental benefits and privacy to the occupants, which is also assisted by the planted wall, which brings some of the outdoors in. The overall effect is a building that is dynamic and changeable depending on the light, weather and where you are positioned in relation to it.

Oxley understands that everyone is different and offers a corresponding variety of experiences.

From the uneven texture of the fine grain to the range of housing options at the larger grain, this building gives you the ability seclude yourself or include yourself depending on your mood

Project Type: Multi residential
Client: Urban Inc
Council: City of Yarra
Elenberg Fraser : Callum Fraser Tim Angus
Nat han Wri ght Jerem y Schluter Matt hew Irvine
Anna Savage Nelson Shek Andre w Mayne Claire Gardiner
Ant hea Le yden Elizabet h White


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