Panorama house by Joseph Pasquale

April 30, 2014

The main idea of the project is revealed during the inspection and is the desire to make a living the most important feature of the place : the landscape on the large open valley below.The client asked us that she wanted to live with the constant view of the panorama . we the We have said that instead of “living with” it would be better to “live within” the landscape.So we had to transform the landscape into a house through the design of a structure Architectural imagined as a machine that can trap the visual perception of the surrounding nature. The open sight on the horizontal lines then becomes the matrix of the exterior and interior of the house.All that is horizontal, barriers, crowns eaves, patios, retaining walls, continuing in the surrounding space beyond the limits inhabited building. Confined spaces become volumes contained almost occasionally from this plot of horizontal elements, which constitute a sort of physical seniority of the place , on which the three-dimensional esogramma architecture is built and that in fact characterizes it.The interiors are also a function of the polarity space formed by the external view. the living is thought of as a space with a soft side straight missing completely glazed and open towards the valley.Cut windowed interior between different environments allow to penetrate the outer horizon depth reaching even the most interior room.

Design: Joseph Pasquale, (AM project, Milan, Italy)
Design team: Charles Caserini, Paola Sacchi, Stefano Valente, Agnes Martinoli, Elizabeth Zanvit.

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