Praxair by Abin Design Studio

February 27, 2015

Praxair- A residential colony for the busy executives of an American multinational, the Praxair gated community is built keeping the environmental requirements of the site in mind. Built near the coast in a flood prone area, the buildings are all raised on stilts to ensure minimal inconvenience due to water logging.

Keeping in sync with our pro-environment designs, we have kept a central green zone that flows through the built up areas, ensuring that all the units have access to it, while surrounding a central water body that helps in local microclimate management.

All the units are articulated around a central service core to ensure maximum wind and sunlight exposure. The terraced gardens are similarly maximize open spaces.


Area: 1,10,000  sqm

Under Construction

Client: Praxair India Pvt. Ltd.

Principal Architect: ADS

Abin Design Studio

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