Private Chalet in Courchevel by Sybille de Margerie

January 4, 2018

Private Chalet in Courchevel: Sybille de Margerie elaborates her creative concepts by mixing up the most profound uniqueness of spaces conferred to her. To transcribe an atmosphere or an experience intrinsically linked to the environment or the history of a place, she uses key words like culture, emotion and creation.

“I like the balance between tradition and modernity; I attach a great importance to fluidity of spaces, light and comfort. My work is equally highlighted by the attention to detail, the choice of materials and the harmony of colours”- Sybille de Margerie.

Living room: – 1). Sofa – Poliform, 2). White rug – Cowhide, 3). Curtains – Dominique Kieffer + leather piping by Moore & Giles, 4). Wooden ceiling – Oak, 5). Coffee tables x3 – ‘Scarlet Night’ Promemoria, leather, 6). Lamps on coffee tables – Tondelli, 7). Black dining chair – ‘Feelgood’ by Flexform, 8). Footstool – JNL.

Living room Details: – 1). Light fixture above sofa – ‘Araignée’ by Serge Mouille, 2). Side tables – ‘Scarlett night’ by Promemoria, 3). Light on side table – ‘Sakon’ by Tondelli, 4). Flooring – Limestone, 5). Red armchair & Red ottoman – ‘Guscio’ by Flexform, 6). Floral ottomans – fabric by Zimmer ET Rohde.

Dining Room: – 1). Dining table – Jerome Abel Seguin, Bespoke (fossilized wood) Design, 2). Dining chairs – ‘Feelgood’ by Flexform, 3). Hanging lights above table – Semeurs d’etoile – Bespoke Planets (The Moon, Jupiter, Saturn & Venus) 4). Standing white lamp – ‘Diego’ by Tondelli.

Shared Bedroom: – 1). Wooden flooring – Marais oak parquet 2). Orange bed linen – Kvadrat, 3). Desk – Moore & Giles-Leather 4). White and orange desk chair – Eames.

Bedroom One: – 1). Bed – Misura Emme, 2). Rug – Casalis, 3). Lamp on drawers – ‘Mr Chance’ by Julie Prisca, 4). Armchair – ‘Cortina’ by Refuge.

Bedroom Two: – 1). Black and white fabric – ‘Mondrian’ by Andrew Martin, 2). Orange armchair – ‘Febo’ by Maxalto 3). Bedside light – ‘Miss Lili’ Julie Prisca, 4). Standing light – ‘Mister Chance’ Julie Prisca.

Bedroom Three: – 1). White rug – Manufacture Des Tapis Cogolin, 2). Bedside table – Bespoke design, 3). Bedside light – Christophe Delcourt, 4). Light on cabinet – ‘Duck feet’ Porta Romana, 5). Curtains – Karine Sajo, 4). Wooden flooring – Marais oak parquet, 5). Purple armchair – ‘Shangai’ by JNL, 5). Cushions on chair – Fine Living, 6).  Cushions on bed – Jim Thompson.

Bedroom Four: – 1). Bedside table – ‘Alma’ by Luiza Peixoto (left) 2). Bedside table – ‘Erasmo’ Promemoria, (right) 3). Bedside lamp – ‘Mercer’ Marset 4).  Two white armchairs – Pilotis armchair + footstool by De Padova.

Bathroom: – 1).  Bath – Antonio Lupi, 2). Flooring – Parquet, Chêne des Marais, 3). Hanging light fixture – Cyclope, JL.Deniot pour Pouenat, 4). Hanging mirror – Bespoke, 5). Sink cabinets – Bespoke, 6). Brown stool with towels – Cosmic (Hiro) 7). Shower doors – Bespoke 8). Shower seats – Bespoke.

Indoor Pool Area: – 1). Lighting fixtures – Contardi Muse, 2). Lounge chair – Paola Lenti made to measure, 3). Sofa lounge chairs – Paola Lenti, 4). Round orange chair – Ferlea 5). Round wall lights – Artemide.

Sybille de Margerie privileges boldness in her relationship with colour. For Chevalier Editions’ hand-knotted rug, in silk and wool, she created a refined pattern associated with the colour gradation of subtle tones. Inspired by Japanese straw work, the rug brings an understated vibration to a room, without being its main focus, and participates subtly in the harmony as a whole.

“Her innate sophistication, furthered by a strong personality and bold taste, allowed the interior architect, trained at the esteemed Ecole Boulle to assert her own sense of luxury and service to highly exclusive projects.

I’m not looking to leave my imprint on everything I do; I’m more interested in revealing the soul and uniqueness of a place”. Sybille de Margerie

Transparent like water, coloured like earth and fluid like air, glass becomes a light source. Sybille de Margerie draws inspiration from the tradition of glass craftwork. Waves, bubbles and imperfections are the great virtue of extraordinary creations.

“At the beginning of my career, I wanted to depersonalize the identity of my business in order to be recognized for my competence and not my name. Today, all my endeavours are associated with my name and it’s seems normal to state the signature of my projects”. Sybille de Margerie

Project Name:   Private Chalet in Courchevel

Design Company:   Sybille de Margerie

Interior Designer(s):   Sybille de Margerie

Project location:   Courchevel

Area (square meter):   670 sqm

Photography:   © F. Rambert

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