RB12 by Triptyque Architecture

June 24, 2016

RB12- Triptyque brings innovation into Brazil by creating the first sustainable corporate building based on the positive energy concepts. Triptyque, a Franco-Brazilian architecture agency dedicated to sustainable design, conceived in Rio de Janeiro the first commercial building based on the positive energy concepts in Brazil.

This unique project combines daring design with sustainable development innovative technologies.

RB12 contributes to the urban revitalization of downtown Rio de Janeiro, project called Porto Maravilha representing 5 million m2 processed to improve living conditions of inhabitants and the protection’s heritage.

Located in Rio Branco Avenue, within the business and economic center of Rio de Janeiro, RB12 embodied an innovative new concept of sustainable development based on energy production, thus following the global trend of green-refurbishment which consists in adapting and upgrading old buildings in order to align them with sustainable development criteria.

The technical device set up for the first time, allows an optimal management of the water consumption, optimize the natural light and so offers an upper well being to real estate buildings.

RB12 has a bioclimatic façade, which consists in a set of windows that plays with light like a diamond. It is the first commercial building in Brazil that uses photovoltaic panels for its own electricity production.

RB12 anticipates the Brazilian law change which currently not allow the power auto-production apart from the solar panels, indeed the building already provides the places for the future fuel cells that will transform the gas street into electricity.

The suspended gardens on the terraces allow the optimization of the cooling and the thermal control of the interior areas. All these architectural high-end technologies enable the reduction of energy consumption but also increase savings for owners.

Natekko, the French market leader in sustainable construction, is the creator of this new concept of office building. MMC Investimentos is responsible for the project management.

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