SM Residence by KdnD Studio LLP

December 27, 2016

SM Residence- Architectural interiors is about creating spaces and creating a shell that can absorb the elements of design like furniture and furnishings. However when dealing with high rise apartments where most Walls are sheer Walls in concrete and flexibility of plan is limited the protagonist of design must then become the elements and the shell begins to play the role of supporting cast.

Designing this 3bhk apartment in a high rise building, the challenge was to create a pause moment in the corridor at the entrance. The design strategy was to treat this space as a long gallery.

Leather paneled storage bank on one wall and console with two chairs on either side of the console greet the entrant. The first room designed as a lounge cum guest room.

The living room accommodates the dining on one side with formal seating adjoining the west deck. Eclectic furniture pieces make statement in lifestyle.

Smaller passage leading to the rear two rooms accommodates the study cum mandir on one side and the powder toilet on the other side. The master bedroom has a very distinct silver tonality to it to give it a more luxury quotient.

The Childs room has red has an overtone theme with interesting pieces of furniture designed for the space. This apartment the loose furniture and furnishings along with the various art pieces became the protagonist. The attempt while designing was to include furniture pieces which became conversational pieces and their respective backdrops were then catered in.

Flooring- statuario marble
Bathroom fittings and fixtures-grohe and gessi
Walls- wallpaper, and textured paint in asian
Lights- xal, Andrew Martin, flos
Furniture- cassina, capellenni, poltranau Frau, Andrew Martin, ipe cavalli, Bonaldo, Versace,

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