“Moon landscape” designed by SOLUTIONS

October 18, 2013

Ma yansong creates moon landscape for swarovski at beijing design week
The mountain-shaped “Moon landscape” is both exhibition space as well as a piece of exhibited art work; it is composed by a group of black polyhedron structures, extending from indoor to outdoor. Walking through the black winding spaces, which feels as a surreal time travel, visitors will see each art piece in turnin each mount.Ma yansong creates moon landscape for swarovski at beijing design week


When visitors go up with the stairs at the end of the journey to the overhead of the mountain, they will see the lighting digital moon, hanging over the silhouette-like mountain hills. The surface of moon subtly changes with time between natural scenes to digital image, indicating eternality from past to future.

The Swarovski “Digital Crystal” exhibition collaborates with some of the most exciting design talents to explore the concept of memory in the fast-developing digital age. 

Five newly commissioned pieces are from Ma Yansong, Liu Feng, Li Dinghan, Shi Jianmin, and Songtao, alongside art pieces from Western designers such as Ron Arad, Arik Levy, Maarten Baas, Random International, and Yves Béhar. 

Every designer explores with their unique perspectives how memory is felt in the digital age, as well as the relation between people and the constant change of things, environment and time.

Location: Beijing
Typology: exhibition space, art installation
Building Area: 400 sqm
Building Height: Exterior 6m, Interior 7.5m
Directors: Ma Yansong, Dang Qun
Design Team: Tiffany Dahlen, Susie Jiang
Structural Engineer: Steve Zuo from Thornton Tomasetti
Construction Contractor: SOLUTIONS

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