UnBox 2017 competition Winners announcement by Volume Zero

March 8, 2018

UnBox 2017: Architecture and design magazine Volume Zero has announced the winners for its competition UnBox 2017 that challenged participants to model public spaces out of recycled shipping containers. The Competition received a staggering response of 323 proposals from around 57 countries; entries that explored various ways to creatively design areas meant for engaging the communities. The jury consisted of esteemed names in the field of architecture and design such as Arjun Malik (Malik Architecture, India), Peter Walker (Cumulus Studio, Australia), Todd Henderson (Cumulus Studio, Australia), Ada Tolla (LOT-EK, USA) and Giuseppe Lignano (LOT-EK, USA). The winners were awarded $4000 in total; first prize of $2000, $1200 for the second place and $800 for the third place. Here are the winning entries.

Winners:- First Place (The New Eye) – Participants: Reshma Esther Thomas, Ujjwal Sannala and Sai Sharanya Satoor, (Country: India). The entry looks at transforming the otherwise tumultuous relationship of the ocean with the shipping containers; it looks at creating a model that is ‘the eye’ to the unseen, novel world underwater. The design is built on the concept the humble ‘periscope’ and can be enjoyed by the user to look at the aquatic world beneath his feet. “The design is a prototype of which stationed around anywhere in the oceans of the world. As the users approach these container boxes, set out in the sea through boats and ferries, they are transported in the world of ocean without physically causing any ravage to the animal life”.

Second Place (Growing Cells) – Participants: Emilio Bartolini and Benjamín Martínez (Country: Argentina). Taking its inspiration from a climber plant, the project revolves around unveiling the beauty of unused spaces within the city; spaces that are regarded are purposeless. The aim of the project is to give eminence to these spaces and empower the users to transform them in their own way. “The project purposes a use of the ephemeral public space today, devoid of purpose as is the medians, because due to building, of easy assembly and the day that is required, it is dismantled, it is there where modular and light structures we can give a beneficial end to the medians”

Third Place (The Pandora’s Box) – Participants: Arbaz Hanif Patel, Riya Kailashbhai Lalwani and Akshay Dipakbhai Ujeniya (Country: India). The design is a prototype that is used as a performance space between the city limits. The entry gives prominence to sustainable design as the planes are controlled by pulleys and cables. The varying heights of the unit create vibrant settings for public performances. “The most interesting part of the structure is that it is completely made out of container and it creates a large space in the street where it is deployed by the use of the planes of the container, which are controlled by system of pulleys and cables without use of any power and hence it is sustainable”.

The full results for the UnBox 2017 competition can be found on http://competition.volzero.com/. Ten entries received honourable mentions. The entries that received honourable mentions are given below:

1st honourable mentions (Passages) – Participants: Grace Tran, Marisol Barba and Maryam Foorotan, Country: USA.

2nd honourable mentions (Still Life – Public Restroom) – Participants: Yiteng Chong, Steve Jenot Stanly, Country: Australia.

3rd honourable mentions (Puerto Rico Rebuild Hub) – Participants: Rafael Vargas Correa and Christina Centeno Lopez, Country: Puerto Rico.

4th honourable mentions (Pavepod) – Participants: K A Safvan, Sadeed and Javith, Country: India.

5th honourable mentions (Dock – Me Here) – Participants: Lochana C V, Prakash T, Country: India.

6th honourable mentions (Taxed) –  Participants: Ignazio Calabria, Brandon Brewer and Macario Bandera, Country: USA.

7th honourable mentions (Dynamoc) – Participants: Mu He and Yineo Chen, Country: USA.

8th honourable mentions (Public Space) – Participants: Cibi V, Logeshwaran R S, Rajha Surya A, Country: India.

9th honourable mentions (Hortus Container) – Participants: Illaria Stroppa, Diego Bassetti, Country: Italy.

10th honourable mentions (Hidden Gap at the Entrance of Beirut) – Participants: Joanna Abi Nader, Ragheed Abi Hassan, Country: Lebanon.

Programme:  Architecture Competition

Competition Title:  UnBox 2017

Organized by:  Volume Zero (Architecture and design magazine)

Announcement of Winners:  March, 2018

Awarded Prize (in total):   $4000 USD

Honorary Jury Panel:

Arjun Malik (Malik Architecture, India)

Peter Walker (Cumulus Studio, Australia)

Todd Henderson (Cumulus Studio, Australia)

Ada Tolla (LOT-EK, USA) & Giuseppe Lignano (LOT-EK, USA).

To find full results for the UnBox 2017 competition please visit:


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