Unique LUCEM light transmitting concrete facade in Berlin

July 11, 2014

The latest Udo Krollman Corporate Centre and Wolf architectural practice project in Berlin has brought to the city one of the most unconventional and daring architectural ventures seen to date. Following their very own tradition of acquisition and transformation of commercial and residential properties to meet the demands of a part of the market thirsty for exclusivity, over 20 years trading, have given the Udo Krollman Corporate Centre the experience and knowledge to always make the most breakthrough design bids.

The Prenzlauer Berg is a residential development like no other. Every aspect of its design has been carefully looked after to make it unique and its façade is one of the prime examples. The development enjoys the very first light transmitting concrete façade in Berlin. Light transmitting concrete has developed vastly over the last decade and although its magical glowing eye catching effect continues to be one of its trademarks, the dynamism achievable with the current light technology allows for versatile, changing on demand architectural surfaces like the façade at The Prenslauer Berg.

LUCEM Light transmitting concrete is a revolutionary architectural product that combines a mineral aggregate and translucent optical fibres to transmit light. LUCEM is typically supplied in panel format, and installed with a source of light of choice at the rear of the panel.

The light travels to the surface of the panel, allowing for a colourful spectacle and an almost magical effect of the light glowing from the inside of the concrete. Current technology allows for RGB-LEDs to be activated and controlled through computer or smart phone – the achievable lighting possibilities range from static colours to colours that can change on demand and the light intensity is also controllable.

Additional parameters such music can also be integrated and synchronized. However, are not just these exceptional features that make LUCEM light transmitting concrete a very attractive product for architectural design, LUCEM light transmitting concrete itself constitutes a beautiful surface even unlit and its structural performance is similar to that of natural stone. LUCEM light transmitting concrete can be produced in panels of up to 150 cm x 50 cm x 2 cm.

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