Värtaterminalen- Ferry Terminal Stockholm by C.F. Møller Architects

December 9, 2016

Värtaterminalen- The new terminal for Stockholm’s ferry connections to Finland and the Baltics will be a landmark for the new urban development Norra Djursgårdsstaden – both architecturally, recreationally and environmentally. The terminals tectonic architecture is a homage to the shape of a moving vessel and the industrial environment – with large cranes and warehouses – that previously characterized the ports.

At the same time, the terminal has an ambitious sustainable profile, characteristic of the entire development of the area. The main idea has been to create natural links between central Stockholm and the new urban area in connection with the terminal, so that city life will naturally flow into the terminal.

Therefore the passenger part of the terminal is raised to be at level with the urban zone, so it is easy for both pedestrians and traffic to access. At the same time the roof of the terminal building is designed as a public park. Where a varied topography of greenery with stairs, ramps, niches, and cosy corners, invite both Stockholmers and passengers for a stroll or relaxing moments, while enjoying the view of the ferries, the archipelago, and the city skyline.

A sculptural cut in the roof creates daylight all the way down through the building enhancing the vertical flows from the harbor floor up to the top floor. Glass from floor to ceiling on each floor creates a horizontal transparency with a unique 360-degree panorama of the harbor and blurs the border between inside and outside.

Solar energy and geothermal heating/cooling are provided via the building’s integrated systems, making the terminal self-sufficient in energy. Värtaterminalen will receive the environmental certification level Gold.

Client: Stockholms Hamnar AB

Size: 16,000 m² and a new customs area of 1,100 m²

Address: Stockholm, Sweden

Year of competition: 2009-2010

Year: 2009-2016

Architect: C.F. Møller Architects

Landscape: Nivå Landskapsarkitekter

Collaborators: In3prenör AB, Black Ljusdesign, Brandskyddslaget, BbhArkitekter&Ingenjörer

Prizes: Shortlisted for the WAN Awards – Transport Sector, 2013

1st prize in international competition, 2010

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