Zhuhai St. Regis Hotel & Office Tower by RMJM

March 9, 2018

Zhuhai St. Regis Hotel & Office Tower: This tower is part of the Zhuhai Shizimen Central Business District, a complex that sits on a coastal site of 26.96 hectares. The development includes an Exhibition Centre, a Convention Centre, an International 5-star Hotel, a Business and Retail ‘Ribbon’ and Serviced Apartment buildings. Huafa Group, the leading Zhuhai state-owned company is responsible for the development of the district.

The sculptural form of the tower and the overall complex is inspired by Zhuhai’s unique rock formations and the dynamic relationship between these rocks and the surrounding waters. The overall planning and design was inspired by this energy along the coastal edges.

The development acts as a platform to showcase all that is unique about Zhuhai, the place, the culture and its importance as the new Pearl of Asia. It aims to be a vibrant and active Convention and Exhibition centre that is both unique and flexible to both attract and cater to a wide range of events.

The project was envisioned to be a connector between the city and the waterfront and to act as a destination for both visitors and residents of Zhuhai alike.

In terms of energy saving the development was designed based on first principles such as orientation and shading, which are the lowest cost and offer the largest benefits. All functional spaces including the car parking spaces are designed to maximize natural ventilation and natural daylight. The office space within the ribbon is limited to 18-22m wide to ensure natural ventilation.

The project has become a landmark for the city and is becoming a space for the local population to enjoy. The convention and exhibition functions are successfully serving as a platform tying the surrounding areas of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao together.

The Shizimen CBD project has triggered the development of the whole Hengqin area and large areas to the north of the project are currently undergoing development.

Project Name:  Zhuhai St. Regis Hotel & Office Tower

Project Location:  Zhuhai, China

Design Firm: RMJM

Design Director: Tean Chee Ko

Client:  Huafa Group

Sector:  Hospitality, Commercial

Size: 484,512 m² (above ground) | 11,370 m² (below ground)

Status:  Completed 2017

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