Antonio Aricò

May 6, 2015

Graduated from the Polytechnic School of Milan and Alta Scuola Politecnica, Antonio felt from an early age a strong interest and energy in finding his own language and way to define his love for design. Antonio has presented a few iconic objects – the Watering Kettle Cans, the Swing Chair or the Water Pitcher Block and created a few successful collections like ‘Back Home’ and ‘Taste of Wood’. Realized with his grandfather, a carpenter based in Calabria in South Italy, all of his products show the excellence of his technical development and his tender love for shapes and lines, strong and pure and all reflect his vision on design and on life in general.

Antonio works also for clients like Barilla on the development of products in ceramic, wood or textiles and for R&D projects and now working with various design companies such as Seletti and new collaborations are ready to come. His work has already been shown around Europe: in Germany at the DMY, in Italy during the Salone del Mobile in Milan, in Turin for the WABI SABI show, in Poland in the ceramic museum of Design Centrum Kielce and in France at the Maison & Objects. He was also part of the Triennale of Milan exhibition: “The New Italian Design” that went around the world: San Francisco, Santiago de Chile, and Cape Town.

Antonio’s Aricò latest highlights: his nomination for the Premio Compasso d’Oro and ADI design Index in 2013, an invitation of Lidewij Edelkoort to participate at the Nomadismi exhibition in Milan in 2013, his Water Pitcher Block being selected by Rossana Orlandi for Larte restaurant in Milan and selected by Editamateria for a show at the Operae – Independent Design Festival in Turin in 2014. Antonio Aricò always gives to his products a story and a personality, for him design encompasses many different values, concerning both objects and people.

Antonio Aricò-

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